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Quality Standards

Changing the Supplement Industry

We belive consumers should know with confidence and certainty that the information we provide on our product labels is accurate and complete.

Know This First

CustomNutra has been built on the belief that there should never be shortcuts in nutrient manufacturing

That’s why every batch of products we produce is carefully tested by an independent firm using random samples. Any batch that doesn’t measure up to label claim is either corrected or destroyed.

What are your Goals?

In the world of supplement manufacturing every brand has unique goals for their customers. We work tirelessly to build our inventory of private label dietary supplements to cater to these goals.

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Beyond FDA requirements

All facilities are inspected for compliance & standard requirements.Products are manufactured in facilities that are registered by the U.S. FDA for medical products, drugs, and food production.

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True to the label

Every product that we offer is tested by an independent third party to ensure safety, purity and that it matches the supplement facts claimed on the label. Certification and Lab reports are always available.

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Product Variables

The structure of a product can dramatically change your supplement brand marketplace. By providing you with options from powder, gummy, capsules etc you can now be flexible.

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Unique Qualities

We make sure our products are free of common allergens and get a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on all raw material purchase we make, ensuring that it conforms to USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards.

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Core Vitamins

Core vitamins like A & D should be part of any supplement brand's range. We work with some of the USA's top brands to fill this void and provide custom options.

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As custom supplement manufacturers, we will produce nutritional supplements to your exact requirements and always maintain verifiable quality standards.

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