Step No.

01. Choose

The first step in creating your custom private label supplement brand is to choose the range of vitamin and nutritional supplements which suit your brand. Traditionally this is done by selecting the health & wellness categories.

Step No.

02. Design

Custom Nutra’s media team can provide you with the graphic templates and instructions for regulatory label entries  for your private label. Start creating your labels for the products selected and our printing team will verify them.

Step No.

03. Produce it

Whether you are involved in custom manufactured nutrients or are private labelling one of our existing stock supplements, we will now lay out a production and delivery schedule for your full order.

Choose from our template

Don’t need a custom design? Not to worry. You can choose from our remade templates and just add your logo.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturing
Provide your own label design

Our designers will guide you in creating a beautiful, custom private label consistent on all products and ranges you choose us to manufacture.

No heavy lifting required

High-quality nutritional supplements to choose from to build your private label supplements

Launching a new product line of supplements has never been simpler. With CustomNutra we will work with you to design your vitamin and supplement brand to match current market demand, consult on positioning of the product and support your launch marketing needs.

CustomNutra has a full marketing and media support team ready to get your private label into the spotlight. With health journalists, health influencers and social media opinion leaders who will promote, discuss and brand your new private label vitamins.

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Our customers
  • Nutrition Startups
  • Food & Health Retailers
  • Gyms & Fitness
  • Health eCommerce
  • Amazon Merchants
Our Specialties
  • Private label design
  • Custom vitamin formulas
  • Marketing support
  • Media relations
  • Bulk stock supply
Key qualities
  • FDA-certified facility
  • Non-GMO options
  • Organic ingredients
  • Minimal fillers
  • High-volume production
And more qualities
  • US & EU Reps
  • Available 24/7
  • Shipment tracking
  • Customs support
  • Flexible return policy