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Zinc II – What It Is, What It Does, Where to Find It

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What It Is, What It Does, Where to Find It


In a nutshell, zinc is an essential mineral that your body does not make on its own. It aids growth, DNA synthesis (production), immune function, and much more.




I, as a man, will start with sex. Zinc is called “the ultimate sex mineral,” in Men’s Health Magazine. It influences a man’s fertility, potency, sex drive, and long-term sexual health. Sexual virility is a source of serious worry and emotional problems probably never mentioned as a cause of seemingly non-related physical problems for the man who cannot “perform.” He is caught in a world surrounded constantly with images of scantily clad babes and sexual temptations, and a billion-dollar industry of porno with non-stoppable studs, all of which gives him serious frustration if he cannot be “up” to what he perceives as his manly duty to be.  And the susceptible are made to feel like the musician when the pleased king told his musicians to go to the counting-house and fill their instruments with gold — “and there I stood with my piccolo.” Men are constantly exploited because of this weakness and I may say even fear.


The test of a man among other men has always been his muscles and virility; the Sultan or King by the size of his Harem. A man was measured by these things. Before Viagra, there were always potions available among the ultra-rich, royalty, and elite in every culture. Viagra and its copycats have a multibillion-dollar industry, chemically providing ordinary men with this temporary prowess. But little do they know, when they are unable to perform, that the real problem, in most normal men’s cases, is zinc.




Each ejaculation expends almost half of his daily allowance. So if you are a man wishing to start a family, a little extra zinc could help boost your fertility. Not to worry, all you have to do is eat zinc-rich foods, like lean beef, oysters, turkey, and beans.  Zinc is found in many popular foods, including meat and poultry, oysters, beans, nuts, crab, lobster, whole grains, and dairy products. And you certainly can find it in supplement capsules or tablet form everywhere without a prescription.


Sperm Motility


For sperm to do their job of swimming upstream targeting the female egg, it has to have motility or the ability to move. This refers to the strength and the endurance of the sperm cells to swim toward the egg and fertilize it. Low motility is one of the main causes of male infertility. Zinc is an octane needed to propel the sperm, launch it and keep it moving in its quest to reach and fertilize the egg. Zinc may not be the only culprit here, as physical and mental stress brought about by work or home stress, or even political stress seen every day on the media will cause it.   To be a good daddy to be, just chill, take a walk and look at the world around you, have a great lunch or dinner, and really learn to smile and just “be”, and dump your load of worry.  I think you probably give your sperm something to worry about if you have something you feel you can worry about. So knock it off.


Short Article on Sex


This article spent lots of time on sex-related matters regarding Zinc, which is of vital interest to most men. I am not too sure what has happened to men of this modern world with the influence of Hollywood which makes movies that influence conduct in many ways, which is nowadays largely influenced by less than the manly men I grew up with and respected as men.  I remember when the transition started in movies and the entertainment world, the John Wayne world when women began taking on a stronger role on the screen and men being depicted as stupid or bumbling. Then came men’s feminization. Now young men have earrings and make-up. Do they still have important manly physical credentials in their small clothes? I cannot conceive of any one of them invading the beaches of Normandy or in the trenches in Okinawa crying for mama. Enough whining. I hope the reader will now understand how vital zinc is to his masculinity and his prowess in making a baby. So man, eat your zinc and keep on your boots.


The Next Presentation


Moving on to the next article, you will see the general benefits of zinc and foods rich in Zinc that are plentiful and available. Just make sure when you buy, cook and eat them, or just buy and eat them if they are fruits, cereals grains or nuts, that they are of high quality, not loaded with GMO, or dripping with pesticides and insecticides, etc. In other words, labeled Organic, and truly be organic. And keep the diet stable and regular.  You will have a happy healthy life and be a happy old grandpappy one day.


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(Data in this article was extracted from articles on zinc, men’s health and health in general in “How Stuff Works,”, “Healthline,”, and  “Men’s Health.”)


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