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You are What You Eat

By November 17, 2021November 24th, 2021No Comments

What is this Collagen all about?

You are What You Eat

       My old family doctor, Tom Smith, used to say “You are what you eat.”  I was just a kid and didn’t understand what he meant.  I finally really get it after learning about Collagen and how important it is.

Two Tragic Events That Altered Our Diet

       First, all of our non-organic diet is adulterated with pesticides, insecticides, coloring, preservatives, sugars, and terrible additives like GMO and High Fructose Corn Syrup plus an array of inexplicable ingredients written in unreadable small print. That, plus nearly all nutrients and food value are milled or processed out of them.

Second, we only eat muscle meat, and none of the other highly nutritious parts of the animal-like connective tissue that supplied the source of those elements that went to build bone, healthy skin and hair, and cartilage. While we evolved we ate every highly nutritious part of the animal and now that we are all sophisticated moderns we are too cool to eat all of those things today. Unfortunately, they were essential parts of our diet and the source of the all-important Collagen.

What is Collagen?

       It is the most important protein in the body, accounting for over 1/3 of the body’s protein. It is a vital building block of the bones, skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage and is a glue that holds the body parts together. It repairs wear and tear, loss from stress, and lack of essential fuel in its diet to continue needed production.

It seems like planned obsolescence for the body makes about 2% less each year after the twentieth year. The result is no natural dietary source to keep up with the loss and needed repair. The dreaded aging process commences. Skin loses elasticity and smoothness,  the joints become stiff and achy, hair loss, and wrinkles. Nobody wants pain and ugly!

Collagen Supplements Are Finally Here

       It was discovered that Collagen could be produced through the use of processing unused animal parts like cowhide, chicken bones, eggshells, and fish through a process called hydrolyzing using heat to extract the Collagen. The process breaks Collagen down into easily digestible Peptides which are further processed into powders, pills, candy or gummy bears. The powdered supplements instantly dissolve in your favorite drink, your coffee, whatever, and within a very short two or three weeks you will begin to feel more alive, more vital and your skin and hair will regain its vitality and you will be and feel that youthful energy flowing through you again.

Dr. Tom was Right

       “You are what you eat.”  My old doctor was so right. We have a food source that replenishes and revives and repairs the damage done by aging and mishap that is indeed something to eat or drink. And the result is a renewed and renewable you. Contact us today at Custom Nutra to explore the possibilities of creating your own custom Collagen formulation.


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