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Whey? – What the Heck Was Miss Muffet Eating?

By November 26, 2021No Comments

Little Miss Muffett

Sat on a tuffet

Eating her curds and whey

Along came a spider

And sat down beside her

And frightened Miss Muffett away.


What is Whey?

            Whey is a natural protein found in milk.  During the process of making cheese, the milk is separated into curds and into a protein-rich liquid called whey. The curds are made into cheese and the whey is processed into a powder that is easily mixed with a favorite drink to enhance muscle building and strength.

Why Whey?

             It contains all of the essential protein building blocks called essential amino acids that your body needs. Research and tests prove that whey supplements assist in building and repairing muscle after workouts. These studies show that diets higher in protein can preserve muscle with age, contain the hunger urge and keep your body trim and fit.  I guarantee if Miss Muffett had been working out and was taking whey as a supplement, she would have only had to flex those muscles and that spider would have been frightened away and never been seen again.


Mayo Clinic studies show that whey powder is efficacious in much more than frightening spiders away. Those beautifully toned bodies that men and women sport around these days can be attributed in part to whey protein plus exercise training or regular workouts. Intense workout tear down muscle fibers, and in reconstituting whey powder helps in rebuilding the muscle larger and stronger. Mayo’s staff studies also show that whey protein supplements also assist in weight gain, gives energy, heals wounds such as burns and helps in handling certain allergies.

Quick and Easy

Americans nowadays require convenience and ease in sourcing or quick access to everything from fast food to overnight delivery now delivered by drone to your doorstep. We recognize our need to have adequate protein in our diet, so again, here is the answer to convenience, quick, inexpensive, and even tasty availability of whey protein in powder form. This powder is almost tasteless and mixes easily with any drink or soft food. The body requires a certain amount of protein, and normally our diet, if properly balanced, will provide enough protein. Again, to assist in filling the bill for protein, here is the answer. Just a spoonful easily dissolved in your favorite beverage, cereal, or oatmeal, will fill the bill. On top of that, there are the benefits of helping weight gain in staying trim and helping build that powerful, sexy body you have always wanted.  What more could you want?

Your Own Label or Brand

            Would you like to have your own specially created label or brand? Contact us at Custom Nutra to explore the possibilities of creating your own custom formulation of this or any other product.

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