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Free Radicals Summary

I thought we had made a thorough enough discussion of how free radical rascals play hell with your health and your aging process. Then I ran across an article written by my remarkable friend, Bruce Wiseman, bestselling Amazon author, scholar, entrepreneur, financier and overall virtuoso in many areas of business and life. I was shocked that he carried the explanation a step or two further along. And that now will take a couple of more blogs to explain it as I feel it my duty to do so. Now you should see why we age, and what you can do about slowing it down a bit.


Yes, mother nature seems set on getting us old codgers out of the picture to make room for young, virile but silly youngsters by gradually removing our inner repair with each passing year, making us weak and susceptible to external attack from a world of trouble. Our body parts become dysfunctional as we age, and there is more to it than wear and tear.  You say, “it’s normal!”  For the human of the past, yes, but because of what we know now the graph here may be made obsolete, not out bodies.

For example, to discuss only one of the vital nutrients we need – collagen repairs our broken bones, cartlidge, and other necessary structural and functioning parts until age fifty.  Then, each year, the body repairs by sending out less and less, and by seventy and eighty sends almost no first aid. A simple fall could put us out of business. But there is more, much more and I am now obligated to explain more of the role of free radicals.


It is scientifically validated beyond question, but your MD is dismally uninformed about this. Here is Bruce’s explanation. He surely straightened this out for me. As you know, everything on earth is built with atoms, or we can call them molecules here. What makes things different from one another is its atomic or molecular structure. Each atom has electrons and protons flying around a nucleus at unimaginable speed. But suppose one of these electrons goes missing. To paraphrase Bruce:  The imbalance is intolerable and it does more than wobble. Needing that missing electron, it has to solve this deficiency, and it goes kind of crazy, tearing around banging on your organs and tissues, ripping off an electron from another molecule. Then it is happy and settles back in its regular job, but now the other is a “free radical” and is imbalanced, and that free radical rips off an electron of another—and the whole area becomes an electronic storm playing hell with your cells, organs, and tissues.




Most degenerative diseases that affect humanity originate in reactions from free radicals loose in our system. Arteriosclerosis, cancer, inflammatory joint disease (Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis) asthma, diabetes, senile dementia, and Alzheimer’s to name a few. When you know the effects caused by free radicals it leads to an inevitable conclusion that these diseases have to be caused by them. But again, after this cruel joke by mother nature, she shows a little grace in her handling of free radicals. She neutralizes them by sending out what I referred to in a previous article as an “antioxidant EMS ambulance” loaded with replacement electrons. Antioxidants are molecules that donate an electron to a free radical and stabilize it. It is no longer a free radical and now operates in harmony with the rest of the body.  Anthems are composed and sung for Mother Nature for these acts of compassion.




What are antioxidants? We don’t have time or space to list all of them. They range from broccoli to apricots, but as Bruce says, “they don’t hold a candle to the King Kong of antioxidants—Glutathione. I know you think me a real weirdo to hear me say that I get somehow excited to know how this works in our very cells and how we can use it to slow down our inwvitable visit to the Grim Reaper. But maybe I can spit in his eye for a while longer and cause a bit more trouble on this troubled rock we call Earth. Stay with me. Glutathione coming right up in my next blog.


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