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Swollen Prostate

By August 1, 2022No Comments

If you have a frequent need to go to the bathroom and when you do go you have a weak stream that stops and starts with dribbling at the end that doesn’t fully empty the bladder? Do you have to wake up in the middle of the night and go? If so, you are not alone, nearly 50 million men in the United States over the age of 40 struggle with the uncomfortable effects of an enlarged prostate.

If you’re one of those men, you may be familiar with these life-disrupting, uncomfortable symptoms…

How and why can this happen?  Consider the structure of your urological anatomy. The urethra, the pipe leading from your bladder has to pass straight through the center of the prostate to get to your penis and exist.  If the prostate is swollen, there you go, it pinches the urethra and narrows the passage from the bladder to eliminate it.

And believe it or not, you are lucky if that is all you have to worry you. Add the possibility of an infection in the prostate which could lead to cancer, which is one the leading causes of male death in the US. So finding a solution to this would be good to help you through the night.  Having had this problem for years, personally, I can attest to the truth of this for I have to go sometimes several times a night, and the irritation of that plus lack of sleep is not a feel-good or good way to live. You are tired.  With such highly uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, symptoms it’s no wonder why millions of men are looking for an alternative solution to help relieve their enlarged prostate issues.

As a result of such high demand, the market is flooded with supplements promising to relieve prostate pressure and help reduce its size.

And with so many options available, it can feel overwhelming trying to find an effective supplement. But don’t worry,

Today, over half of all men over age 50 struggle with the effects of an enlarged prostate, so it’s no wonder the market is flooded with supplements making big promises about relief from frequent urination.

However, not all supplements are created equally. Many brands will cut corners, filling their supplements with harmful additives and using ineffective ingredients or weak dosages.


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