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Swollen Prostate Blues

By August 1, 2022No Comments

Many Sing the Blues Unnecessarily

In the last blog, I discussed what this is, the number of we men who suffer from it, and gave a description of the anatomy with a link to a video showing what happens. Ok, you say, now you know, but you still have to get up all night to go to the room with the water closet, named  the John after Sir John Harington who invented the first modern flushable toilet. It was described in 1596 by Sir John Harington, an English courtier and the godson of Queen Elizabeth I. Harington’s device called for a 2-foot-deep oval bowl waterproofed with pitch, resin and wax and fed by water from an upstairs cistern. Flushing Harington’s pot required 7.5 gallons of water—a veritable torrent in the era before indoor plumbing. Harington noted that when water was scarce, up to 20 people could use his commode between flushes. For more interesting and surely relevant to this discussion, is: .’s%20pot%20required%207.5,use%20his%20commode%20between%20flushes

What May This Miracle Be to Stop Me From Singing the Blues

Short of cutting the thing out of me or taking some harmful drugs, as I said earlier, here are some helpful supplements you can easily swallow as a real help.

  • Saw Palmetto


Saw palmetto is one of the most popular ingredients to help reduce prostate size and ease uncomfortable symptoms. And for good reason, too — saw palmetto, in its purest form, can help increase urine flow and as a result, improve sleep and overall quality of life.

However, not all saw palmetto is created equally. In fact, up to 80% of all saw palmetto may be adulterated or completely fake. To ensure your saw palmetto is effective, we recommend a clinically studied version like USPlus®.


  • Pumpkin Seed Oil


Pumpkin seed oil can help inhibit the body from metabolizing testosterone into DHT, a hormone that’s been linked to enlarged prostates. Also, when pumpkin seed oil and pure saw palmetto are combined, studies have shown that they’re able to help improve the quality of life for people who struggle with their prostate health.


  • Pygeum


Pygeum is an herbal extract from the bark of the African cherry tree that is used to help ease problems related to urinary control, such as too-frequent urination, night urination, and urinary incontinence


  • Boron


Boron is a mineral that binds and inhibits a molecule that’s known to cause an enlarged prostate. It also helps give the prostate room to breathe, so to speak, so there’s less pressure placed on the urethra. As a result, urination becomes easier and less uncomfortable.4




Lycopene is a strong antioxidant that gives tomatoes their red color. This antioxidant is particularly known for helping to reduce the effects of damaging free radicals within the prostate.5


The market is filled with so-called  “Prostate fixes” that include a wide array of herbs and botanicals. However many of these ingredients lack scientific evidence that they do much of anything. What’s worse, many of these botanicals may contain unstudied chemicals that can have unknown long-term effects. That’s why we suggest only ever choosing a prostate supplement that has been specifically formulated by a medical professional.

Generic Saw Palmetto

The studies behind saw palmetto are hugely promising, though sourcing this botanical has proven challenging. Because it’s notoriously in short supply, an unfortunate trend of fake saw palmetto has become prevalent.

This means that a majority of saw palmetto products in the United States could be completely ineffective. The only true way to ensure there is real saw palmetto in your supplement is if it is verified by the non-profit United States Pharmacopeia (USP). That’s why we suggest only choosing a supplement that contains USP-verified USPlus® Saw Palmetto.


Magnesium Stearate

This cheap filler is used to help bind ingredients together and lubricate the supplement so it doesn’t gum up when it is run through the manufacturing machines. Magnesium stearate adds no nutritional value and can become toxic to your system. Sources – attributable to Smarter Reviews –(


No RX Needed


         This is one area that Big Pharma can’t touch, and requires no prescription or even a visit to your doctor. We can never recommend that you don’t see a doctor for any condition, but it is up to you, not us to recommend. So these supplements are available online at the office of your favorite nutritionist or chiropractor. Good luck. These high-quality items are available that meet these criteria at Custom Nutra.


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