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Supplement Marketing: A Guide to Better Sales

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Know Your Customer

Let’s begin at the beginning.

Before we even start our marketing plan, we have to know who we will be marketing to. Who are we trying to sell our supplements to? This may seem like the most most primitive and irrelevant question, but it’s actually a great place to start. Because knowing your customer is vital if you want to succeed. Blockbuster, Penny, Sears, Toys R’ Us and many more have failed to “adapt” to their customer’s needs and wants. They once knew their customer, and then they didn’t.

Marketing Supplements - A Guide To Better Sales

There are several ways to get to know your customer. Facebook, Amazon and Google are all experts on gathering information and building customer profiles for marketing purposes. These free services track customer’s every move and using the data gathered, can do what every marketing man’s dream was 30 years ago – know their customer.

What does your customer want exactly? Are they tired, do they have trouble sleeping or do they want to lose a few pounds? If you are to build a successful supplement business, you will need to be able to answer these questions.

Luckily for us, Google offers us tools that allow us to leverage their resources and access their information. We can market to millions of people and target the customers we want and even set limits on how much we spend. It’s not the easiest tool in the world to use, but it can be understood. And Google does have great tech support to assist you with marketing. To get started, open a Google account, and get to know Google Search Console. Launch a campaign, pay, and then get help from tech support.

Facebook is much easier to use than Google but far less robust. Facebook allows you to boost posts, pages, business, and more. You can also boost your Instagram posts and get more page likes. For best results, we’ve found that boosting a post to a specific public (specific group of people) generally leads to the most success. Be sure to select the location, age, gender and interests of your target audience to ensure your ad is as effective as possible.

And make it a habit to consistently boost your posts to expand your reach and increase your impressions – the amount of times your ad appears in from of someone.

Brand Positioning

Let’s assume that you have chosen “People that want to lose a few pounds” as your “public”. These are the people that you will be marketing to. These are your public. Now, you can separate this group of people further such as, “men that want to lose a few pounds” and “women that want to lose a few pounds”. These are both within the same group but marketing to each separate group can contain a different message.

For example, marketing to men who want to lose a few pounds may include a message like “get back in shape” while the women’s message may have “slimming down for the holidays”. The point here is that within your public, there can be separate publics and each can be sent a different message. You wouldn’t necessarily send the same message to everyone. You want to be as specific as possible in most cases – especially in online marketing. The more targeted your message, the better results you generally get.

Now to position your brand. Are you a premium brand with high-end supplements? Are you a budget brand that offers frequent discounts and deals? Do you need to sell high volume or are your profit margins sufficient enough so that you don’t need to discount? These are questions to answer. The answers will tell you where to position your brand.

Positioning is where your business will exist in the marketplace.

Apple is a premium brand with high profit margins and limited distribution. This creates a scarcity or at least a perceived scarcity in the market. HP is giant corporation with more distribution and frequent discounts, relying on price points to move their products. Contrasting approaches yet very successful companies.

So you’re selling supplements here, not computers. But the example above illustrates an important point – there are many positions you can take. Apple has always been positioned as a premium brand. Your brand may be positioned as a discount brand. Both can be successful.

Now we’ve spoken about positioning but we have to mention here that the actual look of your products is important in conveying the desired message about your brand.

You wouldn’t want your supplements to look like a budget brand if you are not positioned in that space. So a design that reflects your positioning is very important and there are expert designers that can help make your brand not only stand out but be a unique and grab attention on a crowded shelf.

The last factor here is demand. Many people will suggest finding a niche. The reason for this is demand vs. competition. By way of example, some of the hottest supplements right now are gummies. Big manufacturers are selling gummy supplements and doing very well with them. To “find a niche” you simply find a supplier (like Custom Nutra), then find a product (like gummies) that is moving volume in the marketplace and brand it.

Once you have determined your positioning and have a great looking product ready to ship you can start marketing.

Custom Nutra Private Label Gummies Vitalabs Gummies

One of the hottest private-label supplements on the market – gummies.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become titans in the marketing industry. Where once these services may have been used for communication, many advertisers and businesses now view them as marketing platforms.

Each social media platform has a place in marketing and you can be successful in supplement marketing on any social media platform if you understand the main rule – content is king.

In order to build a strong social media presence, you must post content regularly. This may seem like a daunting task for a lot of marketers but take it one step at a time. Post, and post often. Promote your brand, your service or your product but also provide tips, examples and assistance. Give some content away for free. Offer a discount. Come up with something clever to say. Help someone. There are many ways to build a strong profile but all of them involve posting content.

Of course, another way to really boost your social profile is to get a celebrity to endorse your product or service. Whether through paid endorsements or other avenues, celebrities can often help you solidify your brand in the eyes of the public.

You can also pay for advertising on most social media platforms. This is a way to place your post/ad in front of more people. Remember, marketing is a numbers game. The more people that see your ads, the more people will buy your products. And the more times they see your ads, the better.

Owning Your Own Website

You may have heard of many website services like Wix, Shopify or Squarespace. Each one has some great benefits and allow a novice to “build their own website in a matter of minutes”. It’s a great concept and is workable for some people. It’s all great, until it isn’t.

The top two reasons for owning your own website are #1 – Retaining all intellectual property and #2 – Having the ability to change, grow and adapt.

Although some services will allow you to retain your rights to the content and images you upload, some do not. And none of the “easy” website builders allow you to expand your website. You must choose a template and customize it.

This is in contrast to having a professional company or service build a website for you. With virtually unlimited growth, you can control your online image, brand and maintain it all.

Your website defines your business and service. Your supplements should be branded. Your website is your brand and is often the first impression that a consumer gets about your brand and business.

Should one of these services shut down, go out of business, or change in any way, your website may go down. And your will certainly be at the mercy of their employees to get it back up. If the service goes out of business, you may have to start from scratch. These are unlikely scenarios but possible no less.

We recommend having a professional build and maintain your website. They have the experience, hands-on approach and accountability that no automatic service offers. Nothing can replace human interaction and personal reliability.

Optimizing an Amazon Account

Optimizing your Amazon account consists of 3 steps: 1. Optimize each supplement’s page, 2. Optimize your delivery and 3. Optimize your Amazon marketing. We wrote a guide to get you started here.

1. Each product should have at least 3 images. Your title should describe your product and include keywords. Your description should highlight the benefits of the supplement, what it supports and other features, such as Non-GMO, organic, etc. Do not forget to include the quantity or product count.

2. FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is what Amazon calls their warehouse service which allows a seller to send their product to an Amazon distribution center and be offered as “Prime” with free 2-day shipping to Prime members. We highly recommend using this service but to truly optimize, make sure you actually calculate all costs to ensure that it makes sense to your bottom line. And once your supplements are FBA, make sure that you promote that fact on your social media accounts and launch a marketing campaign with Amazon to promote!

3. Complete all SEO on Amazon is performed differently than it is on Google. The basic concept is similar but execution is different. Make sure to enter all of your keywords including those that pertain to your brand name and business name. If you are not getting the results you are looking for, do some research on your competitors. See what they are doing that you are not. Are they paying for advertising and thus outselling you? Find out. And do what they do but do it better.

Amazon is the #1 online store in the U.S. According to Nchannel, Amazon has 310 million active customers, 90 million Prime members and 60% of those members said that slow shipping deterred them from buying a product from Amazon.

So, as you can see, it’s very important to optimize your Amazon account to increase sales.

Paid Media Placements

Paid Media Placements is defined as any paid article written and published online that links to a web page.

Services like through Custom Nutra’s Media Service can provide a simple and effective media placement plan for almost any business and is very effective at creating backlinks and increasing relevancy.

Then of course, we have reviews. Reviews of products on Amazon for example often contain reviews from paid “reviewers”. These are usually prolific writers that review products for a living. They are sort of like paid spokesman. Generally speaking, the more followers they have, the more they ask for their services. These reviews are not always given as much merit as authentic or non-paid reviews.

There are several services that offer paid media placements. Some do it better than others. But when it’s done correctly, it can get you more sales.

Marketing generally consists of using multiple advertising channels to distribute a message. And that message is how your supplements will help people feel better. So when in doubt, just promote and never stop.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be misunderstood by many people. So to make it simple, we’ll define it as entering information into a webpage that tells Google and Bing (and other search engines) what the page is about. Of course, this sounds simple and it is but it does take time and experience to get it right.

We’ll define a search engine as a service that shows a user the most relevant webpage it can find based on the user’s search query. So when you type “sugar” in Google, Google will look through all of the webpages it has indexed and find the ones that it thinks will be most about “sugar”. It then displays these in a list for you with its most relevant choice listed as #1. It should be noted here that not all websites are indexed by Google.

OK, so why is SEO so important? It’s important because Google controls over 70% of online desktop searches and over 90% of mobile searches. The vast majority of users that use Google do not scroll past page #1 when searching for a product. In addition, most users feel that the #1 result on Google is also the most valid – after all Google says it is.

So ranking #1 on Google cannot really be overestimated. Even if you rank for some obscure of less popular supplement, you are #1 to Google and that is valuable. So SEO is important in that using tools, insight and experience, SEO can get you more sales.

Supplement Marketing

We hope that with this information you can take your business to the next level and be able to market more effectively.

For more expert advice, head on over to our marketing page. We offer Scientific SEO developed by our expert Technical SEO and Creative teams. We don’t just promise, we rank your website on Google.

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