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Skin and Bones

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Not a Horror Story

Is your skin perfect and your bones powerful and strong?  Believe me, as you grow older, you look in the mirror and see your wrinkling skin, and it seems thinner, and less supple.  As well, though you cannot see them, your bones are becoming more and more porous and easy to break. And you just shake your head, knowing it is inevitable that it will get worse in time and there is nothing you can do about it.  Well, that is where you are wrong. You can do something about it, at least to slow it down and give you a bit of control over what most of us blame on time and age screwing with our good looks we had when we were young.

The Answer is Marine Collagen

Collagen is one of the most plentiful proteins found in the body. It has many important functions including providing structural support for the skin and maintaining joint and bone health. For some reason, mother nature is unkind to we elderly folk, by giving all of the good stuff to young people – like collagen.  It builds bones and supports the skin and keeps it beautiful, supple, and silky smoother, and gradually those virtues seem to diminish and skin becomes thin and wrinkles and bones are weak and highly breakable. What happened.  Over time, mother nature begins to cut down on the collagen supplies to the skin and bones.

This means that our skin loses some of its elasticity, which is when wrinkles start to form, and painful, stiff joints visit you every day and getting out of a chair, your car or bed is often a painful affair. You may question to whom does that wrinkled face belong in the mirror?. Collagen powders are an excellent way to boost collagen stores in the body for improved skin and bone health.

Making Peptides

The collagen found in powders is typically derived from Bovine (cows), Porcine (pigs), Chicken, and Marine (fish). The skin of these animals as well as fish is boiled and cooked down, in a process called hydrolyzation, breaking it down into absorbable and digestible particles, called Peptides. Then they are made in a different type of product, usually, a powder that may be dissolved in any liquid, milk, water, tea, or even hot coffee in the morning.  Now you are giving your body what was taken away by mother nature and it slows or stops the aging process. It may be said that collagen is the miracle solvent for many body situations.

What is Marine Collagen

As the name suggests, the source is marine or fish. Recent studies show that Marine Is much more efficient and faster acting than the boiled hides of animal or chicken critters. As a matter of fact, it is absorbed 1.5 times faster than other types of collagen – many use inferior bovine, porcine or chicken collagen of which you would need to take more for the same results. Wild Alaskan Pollock is a perfect source, as it is healthy, and healthier fish-derived collagen provides optimal benefits – many use other sources of marine collagen which may be tainted with heavy metals which is what you do not want!

A visit to an area where fish are skinned and cleaned will demonstrate how available the raw product is to use cheaply. And marine collagen has now come out on top as the most efficient, solving more problems than porcine or bovine. You can find quality marine, bovine and chicken collagen at Custom Nutra. Check the catalog. But even then, check the ingredients, the manner it was prepared and all the questions you would have for any food you put into your body.

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