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Pre-workout Supplements

By January 3, 2022March 28th, 2022No Comments

More Essential Data For The Correct Ingredients

Now that the world seems to be fixed on packing on bulk in the gym through not just vigorous exercise and lifting, but through what appears to be punishment to oneself sweating through that last lift. I heard a beautician once say, “beauty knows no pain,” but it looks painful to me for these guys and gals going past the limit of physical endurance. So along with this excess must be some way to make it easier and more effective. Well, there is, though pre-workout supplements.

What Can Effective Workout Do for You?

Help you reach your fitness goals whatever they are – being pumped up, looking powerful and, even sexy and dangerous. You are better able to exercise and do sports, build muscle endurance and appearance, improve blood flow and just, in general, feel better and feel great about yourself. The goal is to give your body enough energy and drive to get you through this rigorous exercise.

Basic Components for Preworkout

Caffeine and nitrates. Caffeine energizes, helps focus and endurance. Once nitrates are ingested they convert to nitric oxide causing blood vessels to expand. So what are nitrates? Nitrates are vasodilators (dilators of blood vessels that increase their diameter) that allow blood to flow more easily. Nitrates increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart and thereby increase the amount of work that the heart can do by dilating (expanding) the arteries and veins in the body. Dilation of the veins reduces the amount of blood that returns to the heart that must be pumped, while dilation of the arteries lowers the pressure in the arteries against which the heart must pump. As a consequence of both effects, the heart works less and requires less blood and oxygen. (


The best is caffeine isderived from green tea or yerba mate and delivers natural energy with no weird side effects like jitters. Beetroot Powder is a great means of getting more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles as they are high in nitrites. Apple Cider Vinegar Powder is a great source of non-artificial, easy on the body vitamins and minerals. Who would have thought!

What to avoid

Some products have far too much caffeine. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. They can combine with others and become toxic if they are not toxic enough, to begin with. Watch out for blends of other ingredients you don’t know about for they can become toxic.  Make sure you know what is in the supplement and that it is made of natural ingredients, tastes good and you like it. Insist on quality ingredients and you know what they are to avoid including anything that may harm. As a reader of labels of food I find on the shelves at the store, if I don’t understand the meaning of the words within the ingredients I immediately put it back and find something that is simple and understandable. We consume these mystery ingredients every day from packaged and processed foods. After all, you are in the gym to be healthy and you don’t want to have something in your body that can harm you while super stressing your body and making it and grow beyond what is normal. You are stressing it enough without feeding it something that is harmful. There are healthy and effective products on the market that will do a great job. Educate yourself on these ingredients and buy only those that will do the job you want them to do in your workout as described in the previous pre-workout blog. Buy and take only those you understand and may you get the body and figure you wish!

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