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Manufacturing: What Consumers Look for When Purchasing Gummy Supplements

By May 2, 2019No Comments

Drug stores offer consumers too many confusing choices. As a result, many of them now purchase vitamins and supplements online. They also look for gummy supplements that are supported by science or ones that address a specific problem or concern. When choosing between similar products, however, gummy supplement buyers are looking for:

  • Mindful Choices – Organic, natural, non-GMO. No chemicals, dyes, or trans-fats
  • Reliable and trustworthy brands – Consumers want to know that their supplements contain what companies say they contain
  • Purity – Buyers want a low percentage of fillers and no contaminants
  • Efficacy – Consumers look for ingredients that their bodies can absorb quickly
  • Flavor and looks – They want something that looks delicious and is available in their favorite flavor

In the CBD gummy market, consumers are looking for:

  • Natural flavors and colors
  • Organic sugars and products with no GMOs
  • Reliability and trustworthiness – Third-party testing and an accurate ingredients list
  • CBD levels – clearly stated potency
  • Plant origin – hemp or marijuana CBD and THC levels

Gummy Supplement Target Market

While manufacturers originally designed gummy supplements as an alternative to chalky, chewable, children’s tablets, today’s gummy supplements are popular among adults and children. In fact, 65% of all gummies are explicitly formulated for adults. Consumers aged 18-34 view gummy vitamins and supplements most positively. Kids gummy formulas are becoming increasingly popular due to the ease of consuming.

Of all consumers, the Hispanic population had the highest adoption rate of vitamins, minerals, and supplements in 2018. While the adoption of these products was only 8.1% in the general population, the growth in the Hispanic market increased by 25%. For this market, gummy multivitamins experienced the highest growth followed by herbal supplements and single-letter vitamins.


Not only is the gummy vitamin and supplement market experiencing a period of significant growth, but the market also has a large amount of room for new products and ideas. For example, probiotics are extremely hot, but there are very few probiotic gummies currently available. Hair vitamin gummies are also very popular in the women’s market and, of course, multivitamin gummies for kids are always in high demand.

Combined with new CBD gummy supplement opportunities, you’ll want to watch this market segment in the next few years.

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