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Keto Meal III

By January 8, 2022January 12th, 2022No Comments

Why Doesn’t the Usual Diet Work

The usual diet involves cutting back on your food intake, and that increases hunger. That doesn’t work long-term. But on Keto, when you get hungry, the liver makes ketones suppressing the appetite hormone. In the process, the body then transitions to burning fat in place of the absent glucose from carbs. This is a more natural state for the human body. Only in the last century has our body begun to crave glucose from carbs. So it is normal for this state to exist and fats were the normal fuel source in our history. So Keto is just moving back to what is the natural order of food intake.

The Transition is Not Easy

While the road is rough getting to the state of Ketosis, our body burning fat instead of carbs, it is worth the health benefits and the energy, as well as the feeling of well-being you, derive from the trip. First, there is a state called Keto-Flu, headaches, nausea, and just plain sick. Then next may take some months to get through, during which there is weight loss, and finally, in the third stage, you are there, now enjoying the flexibility of ability to switch back and forth on food sources without falling back.

Now You are Living on Fat

If you remember, back in the nineties Fat took a beating and got a bad rap as being bad for you. All kinds of fat-free foods and beverages are promoted for being fat-free. It was just common commercial profiteering based on manufactured misinformation by the food industry which made millions on the new “fat-free” labels. But as usual, it was a lie, however, only a partial lie, for some fats are bad for you.

Not All Fats are Bad For You

Not all types of fat are bad. Trans-fats are bad, while poly-and monounsaturated fats are good for the body. What are trans-fats? You read about them all of the time but seldom get a definition. Trans fat is found in most commercially available fried and baked foods. Cakes, frozen pizza, tortilla chips, cookies, crackers, biscuits, coffee creamer, and margarine are loaded with trans-fat. Read the ingredients, they call it partially hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenation is adding hydrogen molecules to alter the texture, stability, and shelf life and preserving foods, making them less likely to spoil. They also add a long list of unpronounceable and inexplicable chemicals and additives for reasons only known by them. If you don’t know what these words mean, put it back on the shelf. It is for a purpose other than your good health – stockholders.  This method is running rife in the food industry, so the only safe foods are organic. And you can bet anything in a box on the shelf has been processed and injected with a dizzy flurry of ingredients that only a chemist can understand.

Why are trans fats considered to be unhealthy?

Trans fat confers no health benefits; instead, it is associated with a high risk of developing a long list of diseases such as heart disease and stroke. It can cause inflammation, blood clots, and the function of heartbeat contraction and relaxation, all contributing to increased cardiovascular risk. This is just one of the many diseases caused by eating trans fats.

Eat Only Good Fats

Hence, it’s the good fats you need to involve in your diet. Examples include full-fat dairy products, cheese, butter, etc. This intake of fats makes you feel full fast, hence, keeping the body at an optimal fat-carbohydrate ratio. The latter helps a lot in weight loss. This is the beating heart of Keto.  Cut the Carbs, eat good fats. In the next blog, Keto Mean IV, we will cover those foods that are Keto friendly and how to create a Keto Meal and diet. See you then….



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