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For the Seniors, Aches, and Pains

By November 23, 2021No Comments

Most seniors of the “more mature years” fifty- 70+ know quite well about a common ailment. After fifty, it seems as if there is an avalanche of creaks, stiffness and aches in the back, knees, and joints. What is happening? Though this has been gradually happening over the years it seems to happen all at once as a sudden event that cries out for help!

What is this? How Did it Happen?

Why do they all get this “old age” syndrome with everyone having common symptoms? While there are other causation factors, one of the primary reasons is diet. The body will not operate without the proper fuel put into it that makes it run, and the nature and quality of this fuel is all important for the body to run properly. The food we eat nowadays simply doesn’t contain the right stuff to keep it hitting on all cylinders. Why?

The Reasons

The food you buy in the market today has practically all the nutrition milled out of it; loaded with pesticides, and insecticides and toxic sugars and additives that make it unfit for human consumption. It provides little of the fuel needed for your body.

While the body adapted to changing conditions in the prehistoric past, it was necessary to get the needed protein in a dangerous world of survival of the fittest. So it was incredibly necessary to use the most powerful energy source available. Man ate every edible part of the animal, fish or fowl, not just choice cuts as we do today. He instinctively knew what food elements it took to stay as fit as possible in that challenging environment that shaped him as he is today. Now we no longer eat the animal parts that contain a vital element we need to maintain the body in top running condition. What is this missing element?


It is the most abundant protein in the body and makes up approximately 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. These are tough and strong structures found throughout the body – in all bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, and skeletal muscles.

Collagen is found exclusively in the flesh and connective tissue of mammals. Ligaments are a type of connective tissue that attaches two bones and consequently holds the joints together. Tendons are

similar but a different type of tissue that attaches muscle to the bones.

Collagen is also present in all the smooth muscle tissues, blood vessels, digestive tract, heart, gallbladder, kidneys, and bladder holding the cells and tissues together. It is also in the skin, hair, nails, teeth and is the main component of connective tissue and helps to give strength to various structures of the body. A multiple tasker, it is also the first aid and repair kit to fix these areas as they wear or are injured. It is the cement that holds everything together. It is manifestly obvious why Collagen is so important.

Unfortunately, we run out of it as we age.

Aging and Collagen

Collagen production slows as the person ages and the cell structures weaken, tendons and ligaments become less
elastic, joints get stiff, as the internal lubricant within runs in short supply.

By the age of fifty the body produces only half of the body’s needs, It’s easy to see why the joints hurt and you no longer can spring out of the chair or get up off the floor without difficulty because now the muscles have lost resilience and power they once had, the connective tissue in the tendons and ligaments are weaker, the skeleton bones are less dense and the cartilage that covers the heads of the bones are no longer smooth and now easily injured.

Some call it arthritis and others used to call it rheumatism or lumbago. Healing is slow. Regardless of the name you give it, the loss of collagen through wear and tear, stress, injury, and the body making less, it “ain’t what it used to be.”

Making Collagen

There is relief available without a prescription, and it is made right here in America!

Collagen Peptide supplements. It can be synthesized from those animal parts we no longer eat by boiling (hydrolyzing) the hides and other collagen-rich parts of cows for bovine collagen or using chicken or fish for marine collagen, which breaks down the composition from long-chain fibers into an easily digestible form called Peptides. Then it is milled into an easily digestible and metabolizable powder that can be dissolved in your favorite drink.

Criteria for Success

Bovine collagen is the most potent and effective type for handling problems of joint pain

Collagen Peptides is not a medication or a painkiller like aspirin or narcotics. Once it kicks in and relieves the pain and rebuilds muscle, it must be maintained. The body must have a chance to begin filling the gap of the depleted collagen and even regrowth of worn cartilage or muscle tissue reconstituting itself. Once you experience relief, do not stop. It just keeps getting better.

Your Own Product

Contact us today at Custom Nutra to explore the possibilities of creating your own custom Collagen formulation.

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