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Find Vitamin Manufacturers which Supply 100% Organic, Non-GMO Vitamins

By November 4, 2018March 28th, 2022No Comments

Vitamin Market and its Scams has become a problem. In this article we discuss how you can detect a bad nutraceutical manufacturer.

The vitamin market is extremely competitive, and it’s nearly impossible to create a brand image for yourself due to the number of brands that have entered the market after the advent and popularization of e-commerce, ease of reaching the market, and awareness of supplements and vitamins. With this kind of market there comes corruption in the sense of lack of quality in the supplies vitamins.

A lot of Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers have taken into account the dull nature of the market, that is to say, that not a lot of people are aware of the quality that needs to be ensured of the vitamins that they are being supplied and hence have become vulnerable to scams like low-quality vitamins.

Manufacturers have claimed unrealistic outcomes through the usage of their products, effects which their products could never realistically achieve but effects which engaged the consumers in a manner that it compelled them to buy the product.

Custom Nutra prevents Scamming

With such kind of scamming being conducted on a day to day basis, it becomes our prerogative to help you find Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers which will definitely supply you with 100% organic vitamins, not just claim to. Custom Nutra, provides a platform for extremely high-quality vitamins, our core belief is that the customer should develop trust with the virtual world rather than get disappointed by the corruption it has to offer. The internet is a beautiful mechanism, e-commerce is an ambit under which the capitalistic world is bound to flourish, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to protect the integrity of this sacred, yet new institution.

Custom Nutra ensures that Nutraceutical and supplement manufactures guarantee that the source of the ingredients of their products is from natural organic sources, we understand that synthetic and modified sources harm the integrity of nutritional value and we have stringent checks of QA which are stricter than the FDA when it comes to vitamins, we don’t even allow our clients to reduce cost by adding starch to their products. Our goal is to achieve a market which is true to its label, which sells what it says and isn’t breaching the trust of our customers in any manner; as the breach of trust in the case of vitamins correlates to the damage of health, which we cannot allow for.

Taking care of yourself before buying

There’s only so much we can do for you though; there will still be scams out there, and sitting on the branches of their multi-million dollar trees like vultures waiting for you to click on the buy button and you won’t be able to escape their aggressive marketing strategies. So you need to be able to look out for yourself, start noticing what might be a possible scam.

If the product is too cheap to be true or if the web-page of the seller site looks too shady then don’t trust them. It should be a rule of thumb for you to not trust everything on Amazon or eBay as their vetting process isn’t that complex and many Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers find their way around them.

With supplements we would encourage you to go to your trusted health specialist and discuss the formulation of certain health supplements that you found on the internet, we believe that an informed choice is better than the wrong choice, and if you’re in need of vitamins and supplements then it’s definitely better to spend some extra money.

Quality confusion is harmful

There is an array of vitamins and suppliers in the market; you’d be able to find them on your Instagram and Facebook pages in the form of advertisements. Their marketing is aggressive. With that, you’ll also find an array of blogs telling you how all of these supplements are harmful to your health.

Custom Nutra is a platform that can help you find 100% organic vitamins, and we are working to ensure that the Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturers are living to the promises made on their bottles.

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