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The Eternal Enigma

By November 23, 2021No Comments

Youth and beauty have always been on top of the list of human desires. The tombs in Egypt and the hieroglyphs show Pharaoh himself and his wife the Queen, with painted eyes and faces. The tombs themselves contained cases of cosmetics and potions and nostrums they could continue to use in future lives to retain their beauty. There have always been attempts to hide those thin lines around the eyes, to tighten the sagging, thinning skin, thinning hair, potions, and nostrums to stop pain in joints.

They Didn’t Work

If they did work, it was only temporary, covering up the wrinkles with paints which many times were toxic and created more long-term harm than help. It has been a despairing thing to continue failing with product after product never giving any meaningful fix to a problem that falls to each of us in time, and some much more than others. Our quest for youth, glowing health, and beauty is eternal, and so far, has been a grim failure.

What is the problem

Those thin lines around the eye become deep unsightly wrinkles, hair becomes dry, the skin grows thin and begins to sag, and the joints in the knees and back become painful and easily injured. The human body becomes an unattractive and unreliable liability. Failure in repairing this led to plastic surgery, tummy tucks, and desperation to apathy and sadness when viewed in the mirror.

What Caused This

Diet, stress, injury, wear and tear, cause it but it is seemed inevitable, without a means to fix or even slow its progress. Then it was learned that there is an element that the body makes that keeps itself from this steady march into old age, but it makes about 2% less as each year passes. The body ages at the same rate. It was more than a coincidence. It seems like uncontrollable planned Obsolescence. So by the age of 50, the body makes about half as much as needed and the body’s appearance is already looking like the grandma or grandpa they actually are. There is no need for this to happen.


That element is Collagen, a structural protein that is the basic building block of the bones, skin, joints, tendons, hair, and organs. It is the most abundant protein in the body, and 90% of the body’s collagen is invested in building and maintaining the bones, ligaments, tendons, and skin. It also makes up the cartilage that covers the heads of the bones, and the hair. It is a kind of glue holding the body together, the word taken from the Greek Kolla, meaning glue. It is like a mechanic that travels throughout the body constantly fixing damaged parts, keeping the tires inflated, and maintaining the paint job, but each year does less and less work so the machine cannot keep its workability and beauty with this constant slowing. How to restore this?

The Collagen Calvary to the Rescue

A Collagen supplement was created that could be easily manufactured that assists in handling this age-old problem that old Pharaoh couldn’t because he didn’t have a clue.  The reason for the deficiency is that moderns are missing a dietary component we ate as a major part of our diet as we evolved to 21st-century man.  We ate every part of the animal, nose to tail, the connective tissue, marrow, and gnawed the bones, all rich in Collagen. While muscle meat holds some, it is minimal, and that is all we eat of the animal, fish, or bird nowadays. So we evolved out of the taste for a foodstuff essential to our health and attractiveness.

How is it made?

It is not made of plant material. The hide and bones of the cow, the bones of the chicken or fish, are hydrolyzed (boiled down) evaporated, and processed into a digestible and dissolvable tasteless powder that contains enough oomph to bring the lost level up to normal. In other words, there is an inexpensive and available answer to the problem that mixes easily with your morning drink, even coffee. It can be flavored to give it the taste you prefer and retain all of its hidden power to help you renew yourself.

Your Own Brand

         Now you know the basics. Contact us today at Custom Nutra to explore the possibilities of creating your own custom Collagen formulation.





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