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Collagen Supplements

By November 24, 2021No Comments

There is an answer to sagging skin, painful joints, thinning hair, and many of those awful signs of aging. Here is an explanation of why it happens and a simple, inexpensive answer:

Collagen supplements.

What is Collagen?

It is the most common protein in the body and one of the most important structural building blocks for our bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and connective tissue. You owe the elasticity, firmness and youthful glow of your skin to it. It is the glue that holds the parts of the body together. As a matter of fact, Collagen comes from the Greek word Kolla, which means glue. The body creates the substances that form into body parts which are Collagen themselves.

Collagen Naturally Replaced

The body’s Collagen requirement that keeps itself healthy and functional is constantly being replaced. But as time passes and your body ages, you begin to experience joint pain and tightness, your skin loses that glow and soft smoothness and begins to sag and your hair thins.

What went wrong?

The body produces all of the Collagen needed to repair and patch up these vital body parts that become worn and injured while you are young but after the age of 20, the body makes 12% less Collagen every decade. By the age of sixty, it is only making 50% of what is needed to repair deteriorating and damaged parts. By 80, it is only making 10% of what is needed.

The Miracle of Collagen Supplements

Now you can retain that youthful glow through the years through Collagen supplements. But first, before going into how you can keep your body humming and you happy with your ability to beat the years, let’s look at just these Collagen types so you can understand what you need to correct any problem you want to avoid or are experiencing.

Collagen Types

There are 28 types of Collagen, but here are the top five most prominent in the Body.

Type I

This type contains 90% of Collagen, which includes the connective tissue in the body, holding together ligaments, tendons, bones, scar tissue.

Type II

Joint Cartledge. This is the covering of bones in the joints that is maintained smooth to enable the bones to move and interact.

 Type III

It forms a kind of mesh around the liver and other internal organs and, includes bone marrow.

Type IV

Respiratory tract, intestinal tract, digestion and the heart and the veins and arteries. Again there must be some component to hold these organs in place and Collagen to the rescue.

 Type V

Hair and skin surfaces.

 Collagen’s importance

It is easily seen that Collagen is vital to our health and well-being. Since man’s body was created, it always had an internal system to provide a means to stabilize the skeleton, to give inner organ support, and heal itself within.

Man’s Forever Diet

His primary diet has always been Collagen rich food. As we evolved our bodies formed and developed around what we used as food. We still require those elemental foods to stay alive and well. We ate every part of the animal, including the bones. This nutritional source is our heritage. It still is.

Food is not the same

These basic, vital, needed foods have been replaced by convenience foods that contain pesticides, herbicides, sugars, preservatives, and ingredients that are harmful. We need to return to basics to fill the body’s real needs. We need Collagin.


The source of collagen today is the same as always – animal skin, bone, joint material, cartilage, and eggshell membrane. Animals such as cows, chickens, fish, are rich sources. For example, in Bovine, Collagen is extracted by boiling (hydrolysis) the skin and other parts which break it down into digestible form (peptides). Hydro is Greek for water, and lysis means to unbind. Water has the effect of separating the chemicals into useable digestible form.


The original Collagen molecule is a large helix string (think strings of DNA) and difficult to absorb. The hydrolysis process reduces it to smaller particles that allow the body to consume and absorb it. The results are what is called Peptides. These will supply all five types of essential Collagen.

Make it into a Powder

Through the process of evaporation and other milling techniques, it is dried and made into a powder. Then it is put into pills, capsules, bars, and a variety of ways for easy consumption. The powdered supplement is mixes easily with your favorite beverage and it works!

So, there it is in a nutshell

This should answer basic questions as to the major reason for our aging process, the source of Collagen, and how the supplements are made. Simple and inexpensive and a way to slow and repair the effects of aging.

Contact us today at Custom Nutra to explore the possibilities of creating your own custom Collagen formulation.


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