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Choosing The Right Manufacturer For Your Omega Supplements

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Not all facilities are created equal. Some facilities have the capability to deliver a complete service and make your life much, much easier.

Choosing The Right Supplement Manufacturer For Your Omegas

Not all facilities are created equal. Some facilities have the capability to deliver a complete service and make your life much, much easier.

For example, our partner Vitalabs has an 80,000 square foot warehouse and has been in business since 1977. With a full team of in-house fulfillment services, they can formulate, pack, design and deliver your products in days.

When choosing a manufacturer, you should choose a GMP Certified and 3rd-Party inspected facility. Whenever possible, also choose a manufacturer that is FDA inspected. This will ensure a premium quality supplement that your customers can count on. There’s no substitute for purity and quality.

A Word On Quality

Like many oils, omegas sourced from flaxseed, fish or krill can go rancid if not properly stored. Many fish oils on the market are encapsulated and packaged in blue, brown or other colored glass or plastic containers to avoid their main enemy – sunlight. Heat can also play a big part in expediting the oxidation or spoiling process.

An often overlooked factor here is the quality of the actual fish or krill used to manufacture the oil. Many oils on the market are not thoroughly tested for quality. Many contain GMOs and others are not tested for purity or potency. So be sure to choose an omega supplement that is Non-GMO and has been tested.

Low Minimum Orders

Custom Nutra is unique when it comes to our benefits. Great facilities, strong track history, large selection of supplements, vegan options, high quality standards and so much more.

Perhaps on the best reasons to choose us as your supplement manufacturer is our low minimum orders policy. You can order just 48 units to start your order. This is remarkable because it allows nearly anyone to begin their supplement line or add to it.

Keep Your Options Open

Having a wide selection of options is important. Your packaging and container choices can make a huge impact on your brand. Your product can define your entire company in fact. So having a wide selection of container types, sizes and colors is important.

Do some research on the different packaging options that are available. PET bottles usually come in many different color options as well as translucent (clear) bottles. HDPE bottles are another option and are great and come in many different sizes. Choose the container that best suits your brand and design.

Sources of Omegas

Known for having great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, omegas can be sourced from several places.

Flaxseed oil supplements can yield Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids.

Fish oil supplements and krill oil supplements can also yield omega oils and are more common and well known.

If you plan on offering different options for delivering different omegas, you might want to consider a manufacturer that offers different types of omega supplements.

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