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Can You Believe it? Chocolate Collagen Supplements

By January 12, 2022March 28th, 2022No Comments

Recap of Source and Benefits of Collagen

Source     In previous articles we discussed how Collagen Peptides are made from hydrolyzing (boiling or cooking down skins of cows) and reducing the boiled down results to a powder. This provides what our food supply no longer gives for nowadays these essential elements are either processed out of the meat or plants we eat.

Benefits  The benefits are so numerous and varied that we probably still don’t know what they all are, but here is what we do know:

Gut:   Studies show that certain types of Collagen are highly deficient in individuals with digestive issues. It helps build muscle tissue and is a highly efficient source of nutrients in support of the rapidly dividing cells that line the interior of the gut.

Skin    It supports better hydration, smooth skin health, and quality, elasticity and makes the fine lines that appear with age even smaller, and often makes them invisible. A certain double-blind, clinical trial, using randomized placebos, showed that the moisture levels in the skin were seven times higher than those who did not take the collagen supplements.

Hair and nails:    Amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) are essential for the construction of Keratin, the material hair is made from. Collagen supplements give many of these essential nutrients. They also serve as good for nail growth, which has also proven to make them strong and have a better look.

Muscles:     It delivers eight of the nine essential amino acids that contribute to muscle mass and power. A clinical study proved that those who were doing strength training gained more muscle mass than those who did not take Collagen.

Joints:  This is that area where Collagen shows probably the most assistance in the human body.  We are talking about giving elasticity and firm mass to muscle, assist in building muscle. It helps give smoothness to the heads of the bones that interact with other bones such as in elbows, knees, shoulders, making the motion smooth. It builds and strengthens cartilage, and if one wants to make the body happy, here is one supplement that will absolutely do that and handle so many different areas that otherwise would be in trouble.

Let’s Make Our Morning Drink

How about making it our morning routine by simply putting a spoonful in your morning coffee. Now if you want to make it more than a morning delight, make it Chocolate Collagen.  You can get as creative as you please. Just stir in a spoonful and you have something like a morning dessert.  You can pour the combination of coffee, cream, collagen, and honey into a handheld milk frother for something a little different.  With Chocolate Collagen you have a coffee mocha that is deliciously rich and creamy.

Hot or Cold You Have a Pleasurable Morning With Chocolate Collagen and Coffee.

Whether you take your collagen with your hot coffee, or in a cold frappe, it is a great pick-me-up and will give you something more to anticipate when you first open your eyes to your new day every morning.

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