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Amino Acids Part II

By September 26, 2022No Comments

Protein, Amino Acids and the Human Condition

You ARE Protein!!

Before getting into detail about the importance of Amino Acids and how they are so linked with proteins, consider this:

You are looking at a superb package of proteins when you see yourself in a mirror.  All that shows, muscles,, skin, hair, nails, eyes –is protein tissue.  Teeth contain little protein. Most of what you do not see is protein too,  ligaments, brain and nerves, and all the rest of you. (Ruth Levrton, nutrition scientist with the Agricultural Research Service of the US Dept of Agriculture in Washington, DC)

Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in your body.  If all the water was squeezed out of you, about half of your dry weight would be protein. A third of the protein is in the muscle, about a fifth in the bone and cartilage, and about a tenth in the skin.

Enough said about the abundance of Protein inherent in ourselves.

Let’s move on and talk about essential and non-essential amino acids.  Of the 22 amino acids that the body uses to make proteins, eight of them are classified as essential. Our body makes the other 14 designated as non-essential (which is a misnomer for by no means are they not essential) and so we must find foods containing these 8 amino acids to survive.

What is interesting about this is that all of the essential amino acids must be present for the remaining to produce the necessary protein for us to survive.  In other words, If the body has the eight essential amino acids in the proper quantities and in the right proportion, then it can make the remaining fourteen non-essential acids.  This is vital because more than 50% of most proteins are made of these essential ones.  If any part is missing, the result is protein deficiency.

What if any of the essential levels are low?

Protein production will be stopped.  It can’t just skip an amino acid and go on to the rest. That protein will not be produced and the making of proteins stops dead in its tracks right there, resulting in delaying repairing stressed muscle or depression from lack of tryptophan and not making enough serotonin.

What is Protein Malnourishment:

Having inadequate levels of serum essential amino acids to accomplish normalization of the body’s protein requirements.  Dr. Minkoff, my doctor friend here in Clearwater, Florida, as a personal Iron man in international contests, in his book The Search For The Perfect Protein, itemizes on page 53 what he sees in patients deficient in Protein:

All of the following patients are protein malnourished:

  • Those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • All depressed people and people with anxiety
  • All osteoporotic patients
  • With autoimmune diseases like Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • With sleep disorders
  • Parkinson’s Patients as well as Alzheimer’s Dementia patients.
  • Unfortunately, these are conditions overlooked by usual MDs.

Daily Stressors

Our bodies undergo wear and tear on a daily basis due to chemical and traumatic stress. These attacks can cause damage to the protein structure. Each cell must constantly repair proteins and other vital components to maintain its integrity. Dr. Minkoff describes what happens to the body after or during running 80 minutes in ninety-degree heat and then swimming in the ocean for 45 minutes in his Triathlons. He says these environments are hostile to individual cells.

He goes on to tell of the hostile environment to our foods, the foods our food eats, their foods filled with poisons and particularly the constant bombardment of radiation from the sun alone, but then comes cell phones, glyphosate made by Montesano, and now triple over damage from 5G everywhere.  The says we are miracles at surviving any of this.

Next Issue

Time and space prohibit making any of these blogs individually more than a few hundred words each, so the final part of this series on protein will be in Part III, when we discuss the various sources of protein, vegan protein and whey, etc. and how supplements can get us through this crisis.

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