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What if there was a magic medicine that would arrest or slow aging?

I bet you would fight your way to get in line.  In my last blog, I stated that there is an antioxidant that is not just king of the block but king of the nutrients that handle free radicals. It has been proven that free radicals are the cause of many of our most destructive ailments such as heart problems, cancer, etc. Without being contained in some way they are like an internal gunbattle with your organs and tissues being the real wounded.

This new defensive weapon is Glutathione.

What is Glutathione?

 It is resident in every cell and like the local sheriff or militia protects the nucleus of the cell and its precious DNA which is the chemical structure that controls the function of your body against free radicals. The free radicals seem to be attracted to the DNA, and again Mother Nature, in her kindness to these pathetic bodies we humans wear provides this suit of armor.

Redox Signaling Molecules

Enter the holy mitochondria. When oxygen and nutrients go into your cell, they enter an engine called the mitochondria. This is where you really live. Hang with me here.

The mitochondria, as Bruce Wiseman says, “spits out three molecules.”  One is the energy molecule that powers the body called ATP. The other two are called Redox Signaling Molecules.  Redox stands for reduction/oxidation which is how atoms or molecules transfer electrons.

Get ready to have your mind blown about what happens every nano-second in your body

One of these molecules sends a communication to the glutathione and the other antioxidants in the cell which wakes them up and they start neutralizing the free radicals attacking the cell. The glutathione doesn’t activate until the Redox Molecule kicks its ass and tells it to get to work. This happens at light speed. Otherwise, nothing happens and the free radicals overwhelm the cell and do untold damage to the body.  The name of the phenomena of free radical damage is “oxidative stress.”

So you must have something that makes the Redox molecule and glutathione get to work especially knowing this grim fact:  that the production of redox signaling molecules diminishes at the rate of 10% to 15% every decade. If there is no signal, there is no antioxidant, and incredible damage occurs to your body. No wonder bodies age and begins falling apart around fifty.

Help! At 87 I am going down for the third time. Throw me a life ring!

And there is a life ring, or rings available.  Remember there is another signaling molecule that, when given the proper stimulation through a beneficial supplement, activates your immune system to seek out and locate any poorly functioning cell and fix it or discard it.

Search the available supplements to see which on the market can achieve this. You owe it to yourself. The sooner you discover this the sooner you will stop your body from becoming old, yes, wrinkled, and possibly crippled from this devastating phenomenon.

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