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10 Things to Look For In Choosing a Custom Supplement Manufacturer

By November 4, 2018March 28th, 2022No Comments

Deciding on a custom supplement manufacturer is an extremely important decision. You don’t want to go for someone whose focus is entirely on advertising and not on the actual work.

Private Label Supplement ManufacturingTo find the right custom supplement manufacturer, these are points that you need to look. This will help you get through your options and find the manufacturerthat suits your needs.

1-  What ingredients does their inventory have?

The more ingredients from your list that they already stock, the easier the entire process will be. It might even be cheaper than having a custom supplement manufacturer going out of their way to purchase ingredients for you.

2-  Who are their suppliers?

It is always best to have a manufacturer that is transparent about their suppliers. These involve two factors:

  • The actual suppliers of their ingredients
  • The flavor combination they use during product development

It is good to ask these things from your manufacturerbecause then you can be sure of the quality.

3-  Organic Standards

Having organic ingredient is not enough; for the best possible quality, your custom supplement manufacturer should also have a certified organic facility so your label can have the seal of USDA.

4-  Regulatory compliance

You must ensure that your custom supplement manufacturer is following the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standard, as dictated by US law. Having a certified manufacturer means transparency and high quality.

5-  R&D Pricing

You will need to figure out the formula that works perfectly for your supplement. This feasibility studies, flavor development, and batch testing. Be ready to pay for these and ask your custom supplement manufacturer to give an upfront cost structure for it, so you know exactly what your expenses will be.

6-  Do they have/know a reliable formulator?

Having a formula doesn’t necessarily mean that it works right off the bat. As we said, you need to figure out how to make it work perfectly. For this, it is best to have a formulator on board to avoid making costly mistakes. The company should either have one on board or have a contract with someone for it.

7-  Location

It is always best to have a manufacturer that is close to home. It is easier to find out about their sourcing, handling, and distribution. If they are overseas, take note of tier shipping schedules and what the price for shipping will be.

8-  Specializing in specific supplements

If you want to expand your supplement line in the future, you should find whether your custom supplement manufacturerhas a specialty that can help you in your future efforts to create more supplements.

9-  Storage

Unless you have your storage space, this can be a big problem when you start. Confirm if your custom supplement manufacturer has a warehouse and how long they can store your product.

10-  Minimum Order Runs

For those of you who are just starting out, financing may be a problem. Fortunately, there are many custom supplement manufacturers who have pretty low numbers for minimum order such as 500, and some have no minimum orders at all. Figure out your finances and talk to your manufacturer about the minimum order runs they are willing to work with. At Custom Nutra we have MOQs as low as 50 units.

For commonly asked question about Custom Nutra, please visit our Knowledge Center.

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