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Are supplement packets available in recyclable bulk packaging?

All supplement packets are also available in larger multi-serving containers.

Supplement packets contain a custom formulation product which is formulated to effervesce (fizz). This only happens when mixed with water. These specially formulated supplements are either in larger multi-serving container or in daily doses of supplement packets. The multi-serving container products are a slightly different formulas. It is not possible to provide that same effervescent formulation in a multi-serving container.  Products in multi-serving container don’t fizz on contact with water. This is due to the moisture from the air negatively affecting the product packaged in the multi-serving container.

These formulations offer specific support for nutritional needs. The supplements deliver essential nutrients supporting your specific health and wellness goals. The multi-serving container was designed with the environment in mind and the 30 packet carton was designed for convenience and on-the-go use.

We will work with you in designing your custom formulations and we will give you professional guidance. However, the final choice is yours. You have the choice of a larger multi-serving container if it is possible.

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