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How to Launch a Supplement & Vitamin Line on Amazon

By November 30, 2018March 28th, 2022No Comments

Supplements and vitamins are modern day technology’s answer to the concern of incomplete diets. In most of the world, it’s hard to be able to find a complete diet, and there’s a genuine market demand for supplements and vitamins. Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturing has become somewhat a common thing in today’s day and age due to this apparent demand in the market.

After identifying the market demand, comes the major step; how to sell these products? To sell a certain product you need to have a market reach, e-commerce has aided in that venture by providing sellers easy access to buyers. This has created a dynamic like never before, and as it is with every market, there are market leaders, in e-commerce, this means that the market leader will have the largest buyer-seller base. Amazon is the market leader in e-commerce.

Basics of initiation

  1. To do anything right, one needs to focus on the basics of that particular “thing”. Launching supplements and vitamin line has its basics. Whenever you’re trying to sell anything on Amazon learn their rules, which are available on the help section; they will be able to provide you with what you need to do and from what you need to abstain. See Amazon’s Dietary Supplement Terms here [PDF last updated Nov 30, 2018]
  2. Second comes developing your brand name before you go on to Amazon. This helps with their extreme vetting process. Setup a website, setup social media, get some followers and customers and even get some supplement publicity.
  3. Third, invest in Amazon’s selling coach, which is a service they provide to help guide you in the best way possible to sell or market your product through Amazon. Custom Nutra can provide you one if you need it. Just get in touch.
  4. Fourthly, you can subscribe to Amazon global to access the global market, through 8 Amazon websites; which is a luxury that Amazon provides; utilizing it would be smart as there are a multitude of policies which Amazon global is taking care of for you.
  5. Fifth, monitor the quantities of your product, may that be of nutraceutical or supplement manufacturing.
  6. Another point to consider is that you should not come to Amazon with one single product. Supplement lines are more credible and give the idea you are seriously invested in the endeavor. Try considering getting at least 5 or 6 supplements in your portfolio.

Finally, you need to promote your product, you can do that through a separate blog on which you write details about your supplements and vitamins, add reviews from specialists regarding your line and utilize the web-blogging platform to “supplement” your Amazon line.

How does Amazon work?

The question to be answered then becomes, how to launch a supplement and vitamin line on Amazon. The steps to selling your product through Amazon is simple, you send Amazon your product, and then it goes through Amazon’s supply chain, i.e., it is stored and displayed to customers on the website so that they can buy it, Amazon then packs and sends your product to the customer.

Amazon elements and market expectations

In terms of Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturing, Amazon has become a bit more stringent with what they are willing to sell through their supply-chain service. Amazon itself has started its brand called ‘Amazon Elements’ which is setting standards for Nutraceutical and supplement manufacturing, as well as setting standards for the transparency of these products.

This means that if you’re looking to launch a supplement or vitamin line through Amazon, you need to keep in mind your biggest competitor, i.e., Amazon.

How to win then? If the rules are stricter now, and the market is being entered by a whole host of companies, including Amazon, how does one successfully launch a supplements and vitamins line on Amazon?

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