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Gummy Vitamins – The Hottest Dietary Supplement on Amazon

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Why Gummy Vitamins?

When determining what supplements to offer to your customers, it’s important to pay some attention to trends in the marketplace. At least to some degree, you should be keeping an eye out on the competition. This does not mean that you must constantly be aware of what is happening but as a business owner or entrepreneur, you should at least be able to take a look at the competition from time to time.

Now there are many ways to obtain metrics related to sales. Few methods are as effective as SPINS data which can show all types of information about your products and your competition including volume and pricing.

Gummy Vitamins - The hottest supplement on the market

However, if you are like most supplement business owners, you are selling on Amazon and some information can be obtained free of charge.

Performing a Google search for “Amazon’s top selling products” will point you to an Amazon page revealing their top selling products (presumably by volume). We don’t know exactly what Amazon uses to generate this list, we do know that the items on it are obviously selling well.

Gummies occupy 12 of the top 50 spots on the list. But why gummies?

One benefit, at least compared to other delivery forms, is palatability. Gummies are sweet, usually taste good and are easier to take than nearly every other form of supplement. Essentially, from a. consumer perspective, they are just really easy to take.

More on Market Trends

According to Nutraceuticals World, Walmart’s online vitamin, mineral and supplements have surged in the last year – up 20% from 2016 to 2017. It should be noted that Walmart started to offer free 2-day shipping around this time. It seems to have helped.

Gummies are trending on Amazon right now. When it comes to a supplement line, it only makes sense to add at least one gummy vitamin product to your line. Why? Because competition makes the marketplace stronger. If you add a gummy vitamin and take away even 1% of the market share, you can make money.

Staying competitive in the marketplace is the key. When there is a trend, you can go with the wave or against it. Gummies are trending. Will you go with the trend or watch it go by?

Speaking of trends, one of the hottest new gummies is the Elderberry Gummy Vitamin. From Target to Amazon, they are everywhere.

Taking Action

Any business that sells supplements knows that they must grow and expand their line to be successful.

If your products are sold in stores, you want to get as much shelf space as possible. The more facings you have, the more sales you generally get. Of course shelf position, store position and number of products are also factors. But simply having your line next to a single product on the shelf makes your products stand out. These after all, are impressions. The more a consumer sees your product the more familiar they are with it. This helps to establish trust which is a huge factor when someone purchases a supplement.

So do your research, go to your local vitamin store. Look at the vitamin and supplement shelves. What do you see? Chances are, you will see quite a few gummy supplements.

Selling Gummy Vitamins Online

If you only sell online, then your competition is other online supplement manufacturers and online sales channels. The biggest and most well known is of course Amazon. But because they are the biggest does not mean that they are the only market. Walmart and eBay also allow vendors to sell on their platform. And why not have more than one location for consumers to buy your product?

What Gummies Should I Get?

The top 4 multivitamins on Amazon are gummies. That’s 1-4. Do you sell multivitamins? Do you sell on Amazon? If you do not have a gummy multivitamin, you may want to get one.

8 out of the top 10 selling vitamins for kids are gummies. That’s 80%. Again, if you do not have a gummy for kids, it may be time to get one. Currently, gummies occupy 12 of Amazon’s top 50 items in their Best Selling Vitamins and Dietary Supplements. That equals 24% of the top 50 supplements. If you sell supplements and do not have at least one gummy, you should consider getting at least one.

If you need help with adding a gummy supplement to your line, call us. We can help.

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