Super Hydration Boost (packet) – Custom Formula

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A full-spectrum, electrolytes formula to quench your thirst

We’ve all heard about the importance of drinking plenty of liquid every day to maintain healthy hydration levels. But hydration requires more than just liquid. It requires electrolytes—minerals that are essential to human health and influence hydration. Super Hydration Boost contains ample amounts of the most important electrolytes. Sodium, potassium and chloride—to help you maintain homeostasis. But it also goes beyond these basics, giving you a full spectrum of electrolytes in order to support proper body balance by maintaining adequate levels of them all.

Electrolytes allow your body to perform a full range of “bioelectrical” functions. From muscle contractions that allow you to move to thinking, seeing and even your heart beating. They also help maintain proper fluid balance inside and outside your cells and are a major factor in regulating the signal you know as “thirst.”

Another unique strength of this product is that it includes several trace minerals. These are often depleted when you become dehydrated. As a result, it replenishes electrolytes that have been lost or have gone out of balance.  Also, it addresses some of the key secondary imbalances that can be caused by dehydration.

  • Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural Fruit Flavors, Luo Han Guo Extract, Stevia Extract
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Sugar, casein, gluten, soy, milk, egg, preservatives, yeast, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, peanuts, tree nuts or fish.


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