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Dietary Fiber, what is it?

Dietary Fiber is a hypoallergenic fiber supplement in capsule form.

First of all, while many popular fiber supplement contain rice, the dietary fiber capsule completely avoids rice or rice derived ingredients, which can cause bloating and water retention in some individuals.

Dietary Fiber also contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which is an indigestible sugar that acts as a fertilizer for healthy gut bacteria.

Why Fiber Is Important In Your Body?

You need enough fiber in your diet to ensure that the natural bacteria in your gut is healthy.  Healthy gut bacteria are essential to proper functioning digestive system and overall good health.

Most of the benefits of consuming fiber have to do with its relationship to healthy gut bacteria.  Healthy gut bacteria is a key to the following…

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Brain Function
  • Immune System Function
  • Bone Strength- due to increased bioavailability of certain minerals.

Fiber has also been shown to decrease colon cancer risk.

Reasons Some People Supplement with Fiber Supplements

  • To help lose weight by encouraging elimination of toxins and a reduction in inflammation.
  • To help establish or maintain healthy gut flora (gut bacteria)
  • To support colon health


  • Quantity Options Available: 1 bottle contains 240 Capsules (60 Servings)
  • Suggested Use for Capsules: Take 2 packets (8 capsules) per day or as directed by your health care professional.  Consult a doctor before taking if pregnant or nursing.
  • Other Ingredients Capsules: Vegetarian Capsule (HPMC), Silica, Magnesium Stearate.
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN: Sugar, casein, gluten, soy, milk, egg, preservatives, yeast, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, peanuts, tree nuts or fish.

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