Custom formulation nutraceuticals, are these products tested at all?

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Private label nutraceuticals manufactured in our facilities are tested by an independent third party accredited testing facility SGS.

Yes, every batch of private label nutraceuticals that are manufactured by CustomNutra have random samples tested by an independent third party testing facility, SGS. Although this third-party is free to do any test they chose to run, the three most common tests are a test for heavy metals, a toxin test and a microbial test. The entire batch is destroyed in the event that a product fails even one test.

Private label nutraceuticals and custom formulations produced at our facilities are tested during and at the end of each production. Documentation is available upon request which is proprietary to your products.

Furthermore, our in house labs performs testing per product and by production batch. SGS performs final production test on each batch produced.

In addition, the on site lab tests all raw ingredients used before any kind of production. Therefore, specific type of testing may take place during the production process as needed.

As a contract vitamin manufacturer we assume full responsibility. Our QC department approves and releases products to market for our wholesale vitamin suppliers and our supplement companies. The approval is based on our stringent quality standards.

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